Our mission is to help you find your true potential and fulfil your dream of studying abroad

Our story

Education Planners enriched with the experience of over 11 years in the international education domain is a meticulously structured organization, which is playing a significant role in helping students study in preeminent universities in the course of their choice. Owing to the presence of some world-class universities and colleges, students often face a dilemma to make the right college choice for them. This lead to a lot of confusion and makes students succumbs to stress and anxiety. This is where Education Planner comes to their rescue, as we not only help them choose the right college and university but we also assist them with the complete admission process.

What we do

Observe your best matches

Application assistance

Connect students and recruitment partners

Course and university selection

What we do

Mold career paths

We mold career paths as per student’s individual profiles

Facilitate admission process

Facilitate the admission process in global universities with utmost transparency

Accurate information on universities

Provide accurate information about the world’s leading educational institutions

Assist students

Assist students in the application, course selection, interview, as well as visa and travel









Our mission

  • Make quality education accessible for all

  • Provide academic consultants

  • Find your True Potential and Fulfill Your Dream of Studying Abroad

We are continuously securing partnering with many new institutions, to provide students with detailed application and admission process of these institutions. The process of moving to another country is overpowering, as students need to be accustomed to the language, culture, as well as environment, and thus we are here to walk you through the process without any inconvenience.